Ena Mulavdic and Ebrahim Mohammadian are jewellery designers and artists who work together on their exceptional jewellery designs. They have founded their jewellery studio Jewellery EM in 2016.

In January 2019 Jewellery EM has changed the name and became ELIRD.

The story of ELIRD has it`s beginning in Istanbul, where Ena and Ebrahim have met in 2013. While both came from different cultures and met in equally multicultural Istanbul, they had much to share about their lifestyles and world outlook. At that time Ena was studying her master`s degree in Industrial Desing at Mimar Sinan University, while Ebrahim was working as a thriving young freelance artist and jewellery designer. The idea for creating a common studio came after three beautiful years of caring friendship, mutual support and genuine understanding of each other`s philosophy of life. Moreover, the mixture of different cultures and origins that they have in common was appealing and winsome, bringing a special charm into their friendship and peculiarly into ELIRD studio.  

Their work explores life in every single way – from birth to death, with all the love, hate, happiness, sadness, excitement, good, bad, care, prosper, decline, lightness, darkness and numerous other conditions and situations that we all are exposed to during our lifetime. Each ELIRD creation is unique and inimitably designed, making them a significant art piece. Their unprecedented esthetics derives from a prosperous mélange of artistic and design skills, while freely using a wide variety of materials. Their designs are fusion of different and rich backgrounds, both collaborating in making a profound and wonderful jewellery designs. All of the ELIRD creations are made carefully, with loads of love.

Ena and Ebrahim have previously exposed their artworks and designs all around the world, participated in numerous design festivals and their work has took a part in several magazines and books. 

Ena and Ebrahim are members of the Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and British Association for Contemporary Jewellery.


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Jewellery//Sculpture Edition II, BACHT Store, Vienna, Austria

MADRID JOYA: The International Urban and Trendy Jewellery and Watch Fair, Madrid, Spain

The Alchemy of Contemporary Jewellery, Solo exhibition at the City Hall (Vijecnica), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jewellery//Sculpture, BACHT Store, Vienna, Austria

51th May Exhibition ‘Udah’, Belgrade, Serbia; Awarded by the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia for the Portrait of Elird Collection

Collegium Artisticum Annual Exhibition, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Award for Unique Design for the Portrait of Elird Collection

III Contemporary Goldsmithing and Jewelry Exhibition, National Museum of Decorative Arts MNAD, Madrid, Spain


Nature Redefined: Contemporary Explorations, Mobilia Gallery; Cambridge, MA, USA

New York Jewelry Week; New York City, USA

Ramybes Gallery; Palanga, Lithuania

Telsiu Art Gallery; Telsiai, Lithuania

Amber Forum; Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia

Talente 2018; Munich Jewellery Week; Munich, Germany

Amber Trip; Vilnius, Lithuania

Amberif; Gdansk, Poland

ARgenTum Gallery; Vilnius, Lituania

Legnica Jewellery Festival; Legnica, Poland 


Special Occasion Jewelry, Mobilia Gallery; Cambridge, MA, USA

Exhibition in Print, Repair and Renewal: Making Things Whole Again; USA